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"go (on the right time)"
Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi, Haikyuu, G (canon divergence, Oikawa goes to Shiratorizawa)

Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (post-canon, knee injury)

"i don't care (for nights without dance)"
Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (post-canon, eloping)

"what a love"
Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi, Haikyuu, G (romantic fluff)

"speak to me (on the flipside)"
Kageyama Tobio &/ Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (alternate canon, college Oikawa meets junior high Tobio)

"humpty dumpty"
Kageyama Tobio/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (song prompt, character+relationship study)

"i know you can see it (it's beautiful isn't it?)"
Hanamaki Takahiro/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (romantic fluff, first confession)

"i have to say (hello and goodbye)"
Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (post-canon, drifting away)

Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (genderbend, young Tooru being oblivious)

"by my side"
Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Haikyuu, G (romantic fluff, Valentine's Day)

"of love and the unuse of it"
Oikawa Tooru/Sugawara Koushi, G (unrequited love, poetry fill)
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1. I said, he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus

He had been taught to never judge a book by its cover long, long before, and naturally, as the secret antagonist of their motley group of travellers, he must be a great example of it. Yet, perhaps, Fai got blinded by the most important of things, and at times, neglected to actually apply it on everyone else as well.

To say that Fai was only a little surprised when he first caught sight of the Dimensional Witch’s agent would be entirely untrue for the man was anything but all the conventional notions of what a hero should naturally portray. Simply put, this towering hulk of a grouch uncannily exuded the air of a kicked puppy, one all too ready to bare its teeth and snap at foreign hands, and it made the warrior seem somewhat adolescent - might he add, bratty? - yet, altogether, all too dangerous. This was a man to look out for, and to be cautious about; ‘Kurogane’ might have been disconcerting upon initial impression, but, sadlyluckilyunfortunately, Fai was immensely familiar with paradoxes.

2. they say the devil’s water it ain’t so sweet;
you don’t have to drink right now
but you can dip your feet
every once in a little while

Fai would like to make one thing clear -- to himself mostly: wooing temptation was not a particular hobby of his, it, in fact, went against his better judgement and against his ways of normalcy. What he did not expect was how unpredictable and fun dabbling in it could be, especially when it involved a certain delightfully emotionally-volatile target. Having fun was a completely alien concept to Fai, but he was never adverse towards new education, and, really, his resistance -- plus patience -- could only go so far.

In Outo, he took charge of the group’s registration at the City Hall, slyly filling everyone’s names with what he deemed were appropriate associations to themselves since pseudonyms were allowed here, a Syaoran too flustered to properly protest being Fai’s sole witness. Gleefully, Fai looked forward to the backlash that was bound to burst out later on.

Swinging swords and extensive roundabout chases soon came to be a regular feature of Kurogane and him.

3. I’m Mr. Brightside

What should not be a regular feature about them, however, was how often they started looking out for each other. Fai was not sure of the origin of this growing mutual concern: perhaps it had began in Koryo when Kurogane had whacked his pole against Fai to shove him away from the exploding bubble, or in Outo during Fai’s numerous attempts at stuffing Kurogane with his cooking; perhaps it had been there all along, an unassuming undercurrent that neither were aware of while they mingled in differences and suspicions. It just so happened that Kurogane displayed his care through unorthodox ways. In Fai’s case, the ninja would call out most of his bluffs, but he would not press for an answer; he merely expected it to come out of Fai’s own mouth and free will at the right time.

But there had never been a right time, or a right thing, or to be concise, a right him, for the matter, in this lifetime of wrongs.

In the end, all Fai could do was smile and laugh him off because was it not glaringly obvious from the start?

He was the happy idiot of their group, after all.

4. I check my face
I look a little bit older
I look a little bit colder

Anger is a friend, and Fai kept it close to his heart for there could be no room for mercy; it burnt in his chest, it kept him in check whenever he glimpsed his reflection or the scars littered across Kurogane’s wrist, it made him unrecognisable.

Fai did not request for this ligature of blood and prey and sorts because what he did want was to die; it would have kept things far simpler, far more succinct. It would have been the right thing.

What Kurogane did not know would come to hurt him, and Fai would be the cause of it -- again.

5. for reasons unknown

‘ Say, opposites do attract, eh , Kuro-sama ~ ? ‘

Fai winked and looped his arms around Kurogane’s neck, bringing the ninja’s face down to award it with a peck on the cheek while mindfully resting as minimal weight as possible upon his shoulders. With a quirked eyebrow and a customary snort, Kurogane gave a brief smile.

‘ For reasons unknown, apparently. ‘
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Loose drabbles inspired by various songs.

1. Sober - Pink

Fai is a chatterbox by choice, rather than nature; he takes it upon himself to keep any semblance of conversation going between the four of them most of the time -- more so whenever the ninja stares at Fai from the corners of his crimson eyes.

As if Kurogane could see right through him.

And it is splendid, it is marvelous, it is utterly perfect for Fai because it is all the more reason to will his lips to never tire, to always laugh and stoke the fire of Kurogane’s constant ire towards savages of the ninja’s name.

Because silence should not be noteworthy: what good is there to be gained from trying to decipher it when silence should - it must - signify nothing?

( the quiet scares me because it screams the truth )

2. Shell – Bana ( Witch Hunter Robin OP )

If anything to go by, ‘Syaoran’ - whichever one he may be - is practically the human embodiment of tenacity, and it is through the young man that Fai first learns of how wondrous that specific trait could be -- but he does not bring himself to fully appreciate this.

For Fai is simply aware of another - deep down far, far away - who, in wrong, wrong time, might just prove to be as good or even - frightfully - better at it than ‘Syaoran’.

But for now, right painfully now, Fai decides it would altogether be best to grow unfond of tenacity; there is a crosshatchery of scars upon the ninja’s left wrist -- and grow they will because Kurogane, hopeless, hopeless Kurogane, does not plan to stop dogging Fai to feed anytime soon.

Fai has never felt so ill as in the wake of such bulldozing concern.

(deep inside this parched throat
the reason for this growing


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